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inthecrack-imagesMore like a mystery you would delve yourself into because you know that somewhere along the line, things get better. And in the videos among other creations of this genius porn company, you’ll feel the intensity right from the beginning and it just never steps. To infinity of erotic excellence, bitches! This is where real life is if you are a porn addict or someone who at least finds pleasure in sightseeing and voyeurism over love birds in their sensual pursuits.

My love for this porn company is beyond comprehension. I have been watching their creations for over a year now and so far, I have had no issues in terms of quality of the videos and the depth of each story. They really have their way around storytelling at In The Crack. They have writers who have real flare for the craft and actors and actresses alike who can really deliver their roles seamlessly. As of now, the site contains a massive database of 789 videos and that was last week, so I think by now it should be over 800 because the site updates every week and there are at least 10 new videos in every update. You can choose the videos by niche, either blowjobs, handjobs, MILF, spinsters, erotica and all sorts of crazy categories that you could name.

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